03 June 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Shaking Down that Open Interest

This is certainly an 'active month' for gold, at least on the Comex.

Quite a few punters are standing for delivery, or at least, what passes for delivery at The Bucket Shop.

Since supply is tight, better to try and reduce demand, and open interest with the usual tired bag of price rigging shenanigans.

How strong are those hands. What a drama. Not.
What happens in New York and London these days is a carney side show. 
The real markets are primarily in Asia.  
And they remain stubbornly physical, even though the Bucket Shop's sahibs in India are beside themselves in trying to find an effective way to paperize their precious metals.
I don't think that Mrs. Das will be handing over her jewelry for a bunch of paper claim tickets any time soon.
Have a pleasant evening.