22 July 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Falling, Coiling - The Slow Blues

"At its very inception this movement depended on the deception and betrayal of one's fellow man; even at that time it was inwardly corrupt and could support itself only by constant lies...

If at the start this cancerous growth in the nation was not particularly noticeable, it was only because there were still enough forces at work that operated for the good, so that it was kept under control. As it grew larger, however, and finally in an ultimate spurt of growth attained ruling power, the tumor broke open, as it were, and infected the whole body.

The greater part of its former opponents went into hiding. The German intellectuals fled to their cellars, there, like plants struggling in the dark, away from light and sun, gradually to choke to death.

Now the end is at hand. Now it is our task to find one another again, to spread information from person to person, to keep a steady purpose, and to allow ourselves no rest until the last man is persuaded of the urgent need of his struggle against this system. When thus a wave of unrest goes through the land, when "it is in the air," when many join the cause, then in a great final effort this system can be shaken off."

White Rose, Second Leaflet, Munich, 1942

There was little activity in warehouses, the few substantial portions of The Bucket Shop, relatively speaking.

The oversold extreme in the precious metals is setting up for a rally.

This is an exercise in knocking down the long positions as reflected in the open interest, against a dwindling supply of metal available at these prices.

In an honest market prices would rise to match supply with demand.  This is not how it is in The Bucket Shop, which is run by insiders for insiders.

It is utterly artificial. But most things in the US markets are these days.

The markets, like the public, seem restless, tired of this status quo of deception and rigging.

I sense a 'break' is coming.  The timing is hard to predict.

Have a pleasant evening.