08 July 2015

NYSE Suspends All Stock Trading... Reopens at 3:10 PM EDT


NYSE suspends trading on all issues because of 'technical issues' according to Bloomberg as of 11:32 AM EDT.

All open orders have been cancelled.

Other exchanges remain open, such as Nasdaq and BATS, and stocks continue to trade there.  NYSE ARCA and options are still open for trading.

There are eleven stock exchanges in the US.

It is not yet known whether the stock market indices which obtain data from the NYSE are being calculated correctly.

Federal officials have found no evidence of a cyber attack. 

NYSE has disclosed 'gateway connectivity' issues at the open.  The problem may be centered around the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) software engine.

Bloomberg reports that the Wall Street Journal website is also down.

More news as it becomes available will be listed here.