15 July 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Fed Follies and Assorted Shenanigans

Stocks managed to hold their own today in honor of Janet Yellen's testimony before the House.   And it was painful to watch.
The Greek situation continues to remain highly unstable, but the rinse cycle is not quite due yet.  but the markets are ignoring these things because of 'technical conditions.' 
Maybe later this week or next week we will see it dump again, perhaps after a push higher.  Where this little rally ends will be technically significant.

Netflix looks like it might be the big tickle tomorrow that could take us up to the next tipping point.  What a puffball.
There is no recovery.  The Western governments have been hijacked by the oligarchs for the most part, and their financial and economic minions are acting for their own short term interests, which are contrary for the most part to the greater good.  It is really too bad to see this.
Have a pleasant evening.