17 July 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - New Era Tech Leads the Way Up Bubble Boulevard

The bubble is here.  Huzzah!
Look at the yawning divergence between a narrow group of new era tech companies and the broader market performance.  And forget about the performance of the real economy, which is terrible.  It is a mile wide and one inch deep.  Fragile does not begin to describe it. 
Between Fed policy errors and governmental reckless disregard we are seeing a very dangerous bubble having formed right now in a relatively narrow group of US stocks in particular and bonds in general, especially 'distressed debt.'

Every time I think that you can't overestimate the shamelessness of the 'ruling class' in the US I am left open mouthed. They really think that they are above the law and do not seem to care who knows it, because they are winning...
There was a big to-do about the housing numbers today, but those numbers were heavily skewed to starts for multi-family dwellings.  The fortunate are setting up their future income streams through rents.
People tend to pile hyperbole on hyperbole of dire warnings these days, and I don't want to get in the game of 'top this.'  I think we will see a market dislocation. Oh I see a crash.  Nope you are all wrong we are going to be reduced to small groups of survivors like 'The Walking Dead.'  I mean come on.

But we have now baked another financial crisis into the numbers, and it is just a matter of time before it arrives.
I don't know if they can keep muddling through this failure of public stewardship until Barack Obubble and friends can take their retirement and start cashing in, handing off the moneymachine over to the next representative of the oligarchs and perhaps some other crime family or not.  What a bunch of fakes and frauds.

They will never learn, and they will never be able to reform themselves or this rotten system. Someone has to take the car keys away from these serial bubbleholics.

Have a pleasant weekend.