30 July 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Triumph of the Swill

"Pride goes before a destruction, and arrogance before a fall."

Prov 16:18

This was a fairly lackluster day in US equities.

Sentiment is now back to somewhat complacent as the VIX has fallen back to a 12 handle.

I picked up a little VIX today.  I may buy more if we see some additional fluff to the upside.

This is probably not going to last, and is marking a top of sorts.  Whether this is a major top or just a passing intermediate term thing I cannot tell.

The forces of crony capitalism are ready to stick a fork in the rest of the world, and start carving off chunks for themselves.

When a people begin to consider themselves exceptional, above all others, you know that the downfall is just around the corned.  It may be considered the 'German disease' by some, but we are all susceptible to it.

Have a pleasant evening.