17 August 2015

Sanders and Trump at the Iowa State Fair - Loss of Confidence in the 'Political Establishment'

This is a funny election season in the US. Yes it is still early times, and many things may happen between now and next November.  But one thing for certain is that the people of the US are rejecting the fake popular reform of corporate brand Obama, and the smarmy deceitfulness and slick branding of mainstream party politics.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are 'genuine' candidates, whether you agree with them or not. People are flocking to their messages because they see them as telling the truth about what they think, and what they will do, without bowing down to special interests for money, or saying whatever people wish to hear to get elected and then do whatever they wish for those who pay them.

And make no mistake, the mainstream establishment in the US, in the media and the professional political ranks, hate and fear both of them.  The establishment candidates, duly anointed by the moneyed interests, are Hillary and Jeb, with some designated stand-ins should either of them stumble too badly. And the established party machines and their enablers will do everything in their power to make sure that you can only choose one or the other of their approved products next year.

And we are seeing similar phenomenon abroad in the UK with Corbyn and Fararge, and in France with Le Pen.

Obviously I do not know how this will end.  I am not necessarily hopeful in the short term.  If they were wise, the 'establishment' would allow for peaceful evolution, and more forcefully rein in the abuses and plundering being done by themselves and their predatory patrons.  And they have shown little wisdom, or self-awareness, existing as they do in hermetically sealed envelopes of money and power.

With the approval ratings of the Congress bouncing along at single digits, is there any wonder that the people are indicating 'no confidence' in the existing two party system?   How can anyone who watches the political system fail to see this, unless they are blind to the forest for the trees, or just willfully blind for their paycheck.  And this often becomes painfully obvious on NBC and Fox, who often act as the flagship media outlets for the two major parties.

Times of great change can bring great dangers.  But I think one of the tenets of my long term forecast is coming to fruition.  The people are starting to wake up, slowly but surely, almost one person at a time.  They are getting angry, and motivated, as the overreach and pride of the financial interests continues to grow.  They are not buying the globalists' message of rule by multinational corporations and a remote elite.  And with this brings both opportunity, and danger.

 Let's see if it continues, and how it evolves.