18 August 2015

Hidden History: The Wall Street Coup Attempt of 1933

I wonder why this is never mentioned in history classes in the US.

And I wonder why the US media has not frankly discussed what happened.  Is it because it would embarrass powerful figures still on the scene today?

I wonder why there is no frank discussion of the Wall Street interests who helped to finance the fascists in Europe, including the National Socialists in Germany, even during the 1940's?

When the going gets tough, the moneyed interests seem to invariably reach for fascism to maintain the status quo.

We keep too many things hidden 'for the sake of the system.'    This obsession with secrecy is all too often the cover to hide misdeeds, incompetency, abuses of the system, and outright crimes.

If some things cannot bear the light of day but are allowed to remain hidden, the chances are pretty good that they will become a festering sore and a moral hazard for the future.

Here is a BBC documentary about what had happened.  It did happen.  That is not speculation or a rumour or a conspiracy theory.