12 August 2015

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - The Windtalkers

There are 'no fundamentals.'  Everything is just what we say it is, so buy our overpriced paper at a higher price than we recently paid for it.  And no 'pet rocks.'  Ah, the assorted wisdom of the grifters.

Yowza yowzer, get yer hot stocks and nekkid ladies.

I hope you don't allow this sort of nonsense to affect your longer term investment decisions about anything.

As for trading short term, that is a carny game.  Go there at your own risk.

For some reason the Street's windtalkers have an uncanny way of cheerleading the 'small investor' into the latest trend tops, and bottoms, and right into the maw of the big trading desks.

What a striking coincidence.

They do not know the next big market trends with certainty anymore than you or I do, but they know how game the system and skin the rubes in the short term.  And they do.  Day in, and day out.

Financial manipulation is the friction that keeps the real economy from recovering.

A little more gold was redeemed out of the Sprott Physical Gold Trust since the last time I updated this chart.

I see from the CME clearing reports that Goldman and HSBC continue to add gold to their 'house accounts' even as the small specs had taken their largest short against gold on record as I recall.

These yuan devaluations may spark more interest in Asia in physical gold and silver as safe havens against currency depreciation, and as an alternative to paper asset bubbles in dodgy new era stocks and junk bonds.

So let's see if the metals can finally break out of this bear market grip.