10 September 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Tightening - Can't Touch This

"Big squeeze with shortages starting now both on the wholesale/retail level and at the bulk level. Unless the paper price is reverting up, it may not subside this time around and then the paper fiat mess (including paper prices of gold and silver) is in trouble.

If it goes to the point of shortages at the bulk level like 1kg gold bars and 1000 oz silver bars, the emperor will stand without clothes."

Torgny Persson, BullionStar CEO

Now is the time to get your own house in order, and to make the arrangements to protect any bullion you own as wealth insurance.

This means holding that bullion in private vaults to which you have personal access or subject to regular public audits.  It means owning your 'insurance' without leverage, sharing,  and without intervening parties who may use the bullion for hypothecation as collateral for third party obligations.

Insurance is for those instances when times get tough, and a deleveraging under duress is occurring.

While this is not a likely scenario normally, now it seems to be more possible than one might expect.

There was intraday commentary about NAV Premiums and the Paper to Bullion ratio on the Comex here.

Ring the bell; school's back in.

Have a pleasant evening.