20 October 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - J'attendrai

Gold and silver held steady at key resistance today, unable to move higher, but refusing to go lower.

There was very little delivery activity at The Bucket Shop yesterday, with the three bullion banks shoving some gold bullion around the plate in their house accounts again.  JPM picked up a little.

Other than that, the Comex is 'quiet' to put it charitably, with a little more silver leaking out through the seams.

And so I am waiting. I seem to be getting very good at it, waiting patiently. I have been waiting since yesterday for a phone call giving the latest test results from a PET scan last Wednesday. I probably have done this sort of thing about a dozen times now over the past four years. Waiting for someone else's tests, someone whose fear and pain strikes to your heart, seems worse than waiting for your own.

So as for gold and silver, waiting for them to do something is relatively easy. Bring it, you cartel clowns. Gold is flowing from West to East. And we are waiting for you, with a deepening resolve.

Have a pleasant evening.