18 November 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Policy Errors, Other Peoples' Money, and Fear

What we have freed ourselves of, however, is any genuine consciousness of how we might look to others on this globe. Most Americans are probably unaware of how Washington exercises its global hegemony, since so much of this activity takes place either in relative secrecy or under comforting rubrics.

Many may, as a start, find it hard to believe that our place in the world even adds up to an empire. But only when we come to see our country as both profiting from and trapped within the structures of an empire of its own making will it be possible for us to explain many elements of the world that otherwise perplex us.

Chalmers Johnson

In England, a century of strong government has developed what O. Henry called the stern and rugged fear of the police to a point where any public protest seems an indecency.

George Orwell

Let's see if they can keep this bubble rolling.

As long as the volumes stay light and the Fed and the regulators stay loose, I suspect that they can.

Have a pleasant evening.