06 January 2016

Bernie Sanders On Wall St Reform and Financial Policy

Sanders is greatly undercovered by the major print and visual media.

And when they do cover him it is usually shallow and dismissive, even with so called 'progressive' outlets like MSNBC and the New York Times. This is not something new.  Hillary is 'the machine candidate' of the new Wall Street wing of the Democratic establishment that has thrown its traditional constituency of the working middle class under the bus for corporate money and power.

You may not have heard it, but Sanders has matched and perhaps even exceed Hillary Clinton in campaign contributions.  The difference is that Hillary is getting hers in big chunks from Big Money, while Bernie is getting his money from many, many smaller donations from the public.

Sanders is the only candidate from both parties who is serious about genuine reform of the financial system and reining in the Fed, Big Money, and the Banks.  Rand Paul would take on the Fed, but falls far short on everything else.

Hillary's record on this subject, and her service to Big Money, and the role that she and Bill played in gutting the progressive wing of the Democratic Party while making themselves rich on their speeches to the Big Money crowd, speaks for itself.  To expect anything different from her if she gets in office will be like deja vu the hope and change from Obama which didn't make it past his third week in office when he brought back Clinton's financial policy team.

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