08 January 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Repricing of Risk - All Along the Watchtower

Stocks went out on their lows today for the worst one week start for a new year ever.

Sow the bubble, reap the whirlbubble.

Gold and silver took little shots today as the wiseguys tried to whistle up the usual Farm Payrolls day antics, but that fell apart fairly quickly. Gold showed a little more resilience than silver.

There was one contract delivered each in the gold and silver markets at The Bucket Shop.

There were some largely inconsequential moves in the warehouses.

In the first chart I show the week's returns in order to show what a 'flight to safety' and repricing of risk which I think this early year's action to be. Whether it continues or not is another matter.

Nomi Prins has published her Financial Roadmap For 2016.

Have a pleasant weekend.