04 January 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Bad Day at the OK Cartel

"Force does not work the way its advocates seem to think it does. It does not, for example, reveal to the victim the strength of his adversary. On the contrary, it reveals the weakness, even the panic of his adversary. And this revelation invests the victim with patience."

James Baldwin

Gold definitely had a flight to safety rally this morning on a plunge in Asian equities.   It was held around the key 1080ish level in New York, and was whittled back a bit in the same late day trading that saw the US stock market indices come off their lows, that at one point were the worst opening day of stock trading since 1932.

There was intraday commentary about financial reform here.

It is foolish to imagine that you will be justly treated in the markets, while so many others continue to be abused by a corrupt financial system and a rigged economy.  You are not exceptional, and you do not gain immunity from the scams and frauds by carrying water for these jokers and voting for the political candidates which they pay to promote their narrow interests.

I think that there is a better than even chance that the gold market will dislocate this year, based on the ongoing tracking of the 'free float' of gold in New York and London and the movements of bullion at various levels of pricing.

Being able to point to some reasonably good data and to draw observations based on it, even though one can never know everything, is far different from those who merely make predictions in rapid fire succession in the hopes of a hit, based on pretty much nothing except what they may have read elsewhere.

But that does not really matter.  Talk is cheap.  What matters is the purpose for which you may be in these markets, and why you are investing in the manner in which you are.  The point is achieving your goals, and reading the signs of the times correctly.

And so far I see nothing to change our minds about what is happening so far.  Timing these sorts of things is not particularly realistic, which is why patience and humility are such necessary virtues.

Have a pleasant evening.