14 January 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - C'est la Même Chose

Gold and silver were hit by selling starting in the overnight, but gathering a little more momentum in the late London and early NY trading in synthetic paper metals.

There was a dribble of 'physical' gold deliveries in The Bucket Shop yesterday, and nothing for silver.

There was minimal movement in the warehouses once again.

To consistently complain about market manipulation and being bullied, while doing nothing or speaking out in favor of those who bully others in different ways is the height of foolishness.

No justice for some implies no justice for all, given time. One has to read history and consider the human situation with open eyes to see this sort of thing.

Personal egoism tends to persuade the individual that 'they are different,' they are better than these others, and will certainly be favored by the powerful and the sociopaths who pillage these others who probably deserve it.

This is the great weakness in too many reform movements and efforts to improve the human condition. They are merely other forms of selfishness and pride wrapped up in base hypocrisy.

Have a pleasant evening.