22 January 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Hearts of Darkness

Gold and silver were trading a bit weakly most of the day, as the dollar rallied higher as shown in the third chart below.

But they held their own, even against a rally in equities that had all the appearances of another technical bounce that was able to accelerate a bit into the close on light volumes.

There were a couple spotty deliveries and a little warehouse movement with the precious metals at The Bucket Shop.

There was intraday commentary about the markets and the lack of reform thereof here.

Let's see if anything develops next week.  So far its been pretty much status quo the New American Century and its currency wars.

For those who asked, the family dog is doing much better thanks to a trio of pills, eyedrops, and some tender loving care.  She even toddled off her little dog bed and managed to see what we were having for dinner, first time in over a week.  She didn't get anything, of course, but she likes to keep herself informed.  And she did dine very well on fresh boiled rice and poached chicken, our 'go to' doggy sickness comfort food.

Bonne nuit et bonne chance.

And have a pleasant weekend.