03 February 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday

"Even on the highest peak we will not be 'beyond good and evil,' and the more we experience of their inextricable entanglement the more uncertain our moral judgement will be... The wrong we have done, thought, or intended will wreak its vengeance on our souls, no matter whether we turn the world upside down or not."

Carl Jung

Gold in particular had a nice breakout on paper today, with silver following along but still a bit sluggish, and not reclaiming the 15 handle.

Friday will be the Non-Farm Payrolls report. Let's see what flavor of shenanigans we may enjoy. It may not be the usual vanilla scam topped with brazen sauce.

The dollar took a nose dive as you can see from the chart below. Keep in mind this is the DX index which is out of date in today's more globalized world.

There was another burst of gold action in the Comex warehouses yesterday, with the monthly total now a big 76,800 ounces of bullion 'delivered.'  It generally does not go anywhere, just a change of nametags for the most part.

You will know things are falling apart overseas, probably in London or Shanghai, when the registered gold dries up and even JPM cannot step in and easily cover the demand.  It will not be a default, but it *could* look like a run on the physical if the guys moving the shells and the pea slip up.

So let's see how we close the week.