26 February 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

The economic news this morning was 'better than expected,' showing an upward revision in 4Q GDP and stronger consumer spending.

And the dollar rallied, the Fed hawks like Cleveland's Mester were out talking the likelihood of rate increases, and stocks rallied, but then flopped badly into the close.

And so we say goodby to February, as we leap over Monday of next week, and toddle bravely into the great unknown, often wrong but rarely in doubt.  This is the way things are when you are living on credibility in the age of the long con.

Speaking of cons, Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump this afternoon.   Birds of a feather, like grackles and starlings.

It was a reasonably strong month for gold, at least on paper.

There are some interesting things going on in silver, which the usual suspects will firmly deny are of any such interest. I direct your attention to the intraday commentary about that here.

I think silver might be a little more interesting going forward than it has been.

Nothing has changed. Not one thing. And that, alas, is the pity of it.

Have a pleasant weekend.