11 April 2016

Some Charts— And the Heart of the Matter Part II

Here are the current updates of the stock and precious metals charts.

Mary had some unexpected complications in the early hours.  A quick CAT scan revealed a brain hemorrhage and she immediately went to the surgery.  I was awakened about 7 AM by a call from the doctor saying that she was going in to the operating room.

He called back about two hours later and let me know that they were able to gently go back in and clear out the blood and a blood clot, and she is now in intensive care where she will be sedated to sleep for the day to keep her quiet, while they take measures to reduce the swelling deep in her brain and prevent a reoccurence.

He is optimistic but this obviously puts a dent in her recovery.  She was scheduled to be released today to come home, so I am very grateful that this happened while she was at hospital and not at home since delays add to the seriousness.

I did the past few days updates on the charts for something to occupy my mind while I was waiting for the call back, and just now updated them as of about noon.

I will probably not do a full update until later this week if then.  I am not looking at the markets very much.

Thank you for your good wishes and your prayers.