13 April 2016

Stock and Metals Chart Updates - God Bless the Child

Here are the stock and precious metals charts updated as of about 3:15 EDT.

There was some information about the precious metals trusts and funds earlier today.

I am a little bit distracted and keep misplacing my wallet and my book of parking coupons for hospital etc.  My son gets a kick out of that.  So please forgive any typos as I am on the run as they say.  Things are improving and I am making plans for the rehab center hopefully in a few days.

The economic news this morning, both PPI and Retail Sales was lousy.

Supposedly it was risk on, and stocks were in rally mode, because of the results that JPM showed this morning, raising expectations for the financial sector.

The sector inhabited by the public, not so much.

Off to the hospital. I have an in-patient rehab center picked out and arranged when the most precious jewel is able to be transferred. She will be coming out of the ICU tomorrow. This last go round has taught me to take it one day at a time.

In case you were wondering the rescue dog Dolly has blended in quite well, and is now a member of the family. She is well over her insecurity and is in the process of training us to do her bidding.

Have a pleasant evening.