12 May 2016

No Updates Tonight - Jerzy Popiełuszko, martyr de la vérité

Busy making ready for the return of the monarch of the household.

"You have to live in Truth to remain spiritually free. Life in Truth consists of giving testimony, acknowledging the Truth and defending it in each situation. Truth never changes. It cannot be destroyed by any decision or legal act. Our slavery stems from our surrender to the rule of the lie, our failure to unmask a lie, and to protest against it in everyday life. Instead of correcting the lie we keep silent, or pretend to believe it is true.

This means living in falsehood. Telling the Truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom. A person who tells the Truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment, or official custody. If in the present political situation the majority of the Polish people followed the one and only Truth, our nation would become spiritually free today! The external or political freedom would follow sooner or later as a consequence of the spiritual freedom and faithfulness to the Truth.

Overcoming fear is a key element in the process of setting Man free. Fear springs from threats. We fear suffering; we fear the loss of some goods, the loss of freedom, health or a job. This fear makes us act against our conscience, and it is by means of our conscience that we take the measure of Truth. We overcome fear the moment we agree to lose something for the sake of a higher value. If Truth becomes a value worth suffering for, worth taking a risk, then we will overcome the fear that keeps us in slavery...

Any nation is bound to perish if deprived of bravery, if it pretends that everything is good when it is not, and if it is satisfied with half-truths. Every day we must be aware that when we are demanding truth from others we must live in truth ourselves, demanding justice we must be just, demanding bravery we must be brave."

Jerzy Popiełuszko, chaplain of Solidarity, martyr de la vérité