21 July 2016

Simple Performance Comparison of OUNZ and PHYS

As the title indicates, this is a simple performance comparison of the two gold funds OUNZ and PHYS.

I had not really known much about OUNZ until I read an article about it sent out by a gold news site.

It was interesting to me because OUNZ has a redeemability feature in the form of gold coins if desired, and an expense ratio that is said to be comparable to that of PHYS.

For my own curiosity I compared them first for 2016 M-T-D, and threw in the price of gold just for a benchmark.  Since this is only about seven months, I also did a straight up two year comparison.  This pushes closer into OUNZ's start up period.

The results I found are below.  By way of disclosure I have and have had positions in the Sprott Funds.

There are other factors for comparison that this does not consider.  One needs to look at the details and their own requirements.

I suspect that PHYS is gaining slightly because of time on the market and economies of scale.