16 August 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - De Trop - The Great Gold Hoax

Today was a very sleepy day, and the markets were 'dull.'

As noted below, there is a stock option expiry on Friday.

I put the finishing touches on an interview with Lars Schall for Matterhorn Asset Management today, answering some final questions. It was more heavily into presidential politics and some other world events than I normally address.  But of course the conversation turned to gold and silver.

And I have to admit that thinking about these things and putting them into words over the weekend left me in a bit of a funk.  In general, most politicians make me nauseous, and this particular election between these two creatures and their minions can be a bit disheartening.  As Jean-Paul Sartre observed:
Que fais-je ici?  Pourquoi ces gens sont-ils là?  J'ai envie de partir, de m'en aller quelque part où je serais vraiment à ma place , où je m'emboîterais...  Mais ma place n'est nulle part ; je suis de trop.

The trick to regain a healthy equilibrium is by praying for others, especially for those whom you do not like, or who have acted badly.  At times it is the only thing that works, when one falls too far inwardly, to pull yourself back out of it.  People are so foolish sometimes, but then you look and see the same tendencies in yourself.  So it is a good habit in general, that when you feel negative feelings about someone, to pray for them as you would for yourself.

Lars was very kind in allowing me to do this in writing rather than in person, which gave me the latitude to do it when I had the time available without interruption.  Luckily my time this week is not being employed with the healthcare system and its strange ways and billing mysteries, and for that I am grateful.

I will put up a link to it when it goes online.

Gold is coiling.  As is silver.

Stocks are at a precarious crossroads.

Here is a new video from Jim Rickards called 'The Great Gold Hoax.'

Have a pleasant evening.