16 August 2016

Links For Tuesday 16 August

The mechanism by which I add links to the sidebar under Matières à Réflexion seems to be broken today. This happens on occasion when the blogger platform software people fiddle with it.   I have been waiting for them to repair this, but it does not seem to be forthcoming.

So I will be adding links here in this post throughout the day.  As I recall this happened once before.

Debt Collector Thwarts Wrongful Practices Lawsuit By Buying the Lawsuit on the Cheap, Judge Agrees

TTIP:  The Suicide of Nations

Windows 10 Tracks Almost Everything You Do - Here's How to Opt Out - 'Settings' is reached by clicking on the Windows icon on the lower left

Core Consumer Price Inflation Up Over 2% For the 9th Straight Month    (It takes a policy error. Or a series of errors. Stagflation is not easy to achieve. Well done, Fed)

Industrial Production Down Year over Year, Negative Growth for the 11th Straight Month

SEC and Stock Frauds - Can This (NeuroMama) Dog Hunt?