16 September 2016

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Quad Witching - Dreadnoughts

Today was the September 'quad witching' option expiration for equities and their futures.

The volume was high, but the volatility dampened quite a bit, as the gyrations of the past four days shook out as many speculators as possible.

And so the markets took to the weekend as quietly going out as loudly as this week had come in.

Deutsche Bank seems to be in a fair amount of trouble, as they do not have the reserves to cover that rather impressive fine levied by the US Department of Justice, at $14 billion.  That would eat into their capital, which they can hardly spare.

Interesting that the US seems to be so tough on 'foreign' banks, but so accommodating for its own.  Well, that is just what happens in a currency war, when the domestic Big Banks of Wall Street act as financial dreadnoughts.

The abuse of the markets is becoming a commonplace.   One wonders how far it can go.

All eyes on the FOMC next week.  

Have a pleasant evening.