21 September 2016

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Come As You Are

The Fed did nothing - as expected, and is often their wont.

The soonest they will be raising rates will likely be December.

The central banks will keep feeding liquidity into a broken and corrupt financial system until it derails.

They will do everything in their power to avoid any semblance of responsibility for the collateral damage they and their friends are causing.

Janet's comments today in her press interview with regard to the Wells Fargo situation were almost incredible.  We are assured that the Fed will continue its vigilance over the Banks to insure that their system of governance and incentives will not result in bad behaviour.   And the press did not follow up on that at the least.  I don't understand how they did not break out into laughter.

Let's see if stocks have hit a high note yet, or have more room to continue higher squeezing the shorts.

What happens at that point, when the punters are all staring at each other with buy tickets in their pockets and nowhere to go may be interesting.

But thinking ahead and acting responsibility does not seem to be in the DNA of the financier class and our ruling elites. And they take many weak ones along with them.

Do not allow this cultural poison of greed and indifference to evil to infect you, so that when the time comes you will 'be rejected, though you seek the blessing with tears, but can not change what has been done.'


Have a pleasant evening.