31 October 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - All Tricks and No Treats

I heard an interesting data point today from the public pollsters, that those who are very confident and comfortable in how things are going now are flocking to Hillary, while those who are very uncomfortable and lacking in confidence about the system as it is are flocking to Trump.

These are the two extremes. The broad middle seems to be struggling with a choice while they hold their noses, because the disapproval ratings of both candidates are historically high.

What this tends to imply is a great deal of dissatisfaction with either outcome, no matter who wins the election next week.

The dollar tried to rally today but faded into the close, along with stocks.

Gold and silver went out on their highs for the day, pushed up against near term overhead resistance.

We are now into the November delivery reporting for the Comex, which is really just the accounting for IOUs since little gold is actually delivered as can be seen from the actual warehouse report.

But at least silver should start showing a bit more 'spark' now.

Three central Banks, the US, the UK, and Japan, will pause from contemplating their navels and say/do something this week with regard to key interest rates.

I strongly doubt that the US will do anything because of the imminent presidential election.

Valeant Pharmaceutical is under criminal investigation for accounting fraud we hear today.  I would call it a good start, with quite a few more dodgy corporate crime families to go.

The World Series moves to Cleveland tomorrow, with hope springing eternal, or at least a reasonable approximation of it, in the long-suffering fans of both clubs.

Gold and silver are facing a real test this week, with the Non-Farm Payrolls and the FOMC.  Let's see how we come out of it.

Happy Halloween.

Have a pleasant evening.