04 October 2016

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds

The Non-Farm Payroll activities seem to have kicked off earlier, compliments of a stronger dollar and the shenanigans of the usual suspects.

Freeing up ETF gold is one way to make up for any physical bullion shortfalls in London and Switzerland, when you have done wringing out the gold from states like Venezuela.

Below this is a sneak peek at gold deliveries on the Comex as of yesterday.  The green highlights the 'buyers' and the red indicates 'sellers.'

Below that is a sneak peek at the updated gold chart for tonight.

There are no reliable fundamentals for the short term.   Short term trading is a form of gambling for most people, and the honesty of the tables is not as well regulated. Most short term analysis is at best trying to read the minds of manipulators.

Those backed by big money and powerful connections do what they can get a away with, which is a lot.   If you feel the urge to trade, go to a casino instead.  They have free drinks and entertainment.