26 October 2016

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - VIX Rising, Wobbly Earnings Results

The data coming in for the most part seems to be confirming the idea that consumers are on the skids, and that corporate profits that depend on a healthy aggregate public demand are feeling the pinch.

Monopolies like big finance and healthcare, and firms that depend on special situations, like war for example, may be showing more resilience in this odd economy which we have grown over the years.

Everyone seems to be thinking about what the upcoming elections may mean to equities, what the central banks may do for the stock markets, and what additional military conflicts the neo-cons may provide.

But do you see that in each case, the focus is not on a healthy economy with organic growth through productive end.

This will not end well. But no one will do anything to stop it until after the fact.   This seems to be the 'MO' of the ruling elites and their porcine constituents.

Have a pleasant evening.