03 November 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Markets Flight to Safety From Election Overhang

Gold was up while silver and the US dollar were lower.

Looks like a pretty clear 'flight to safety' globally, sparked no doubt by the shadow being cast by the US elections next week.

The delivery reports and warehouses were largely quiet, with the exception of Hong Kong CME warehouses which showed a continuing drain of gold inventory.

Non-Farm Payrolls tomorrow may move markets, but I suspect that the US elections will be casting a bigger footprint.

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs fans for the World Series win. Viewership for the seventh game was amazingly high, and the game held plenty of 'tension' in a back and forth struggle from two seemingly exhausted teams.

And a shout out to Cleveland for making it to the series in such a convincing manner. I think both teams will bear watching next year, within the wider range of uncertainty from trades and injuries.

Next week's election may be equally compelling, but somehow I suspect that the election will be captured again by the status quo, perhaps with a twist or two.

Paul Krugman was a special guest on Bloomberg TV today. He is a nice study in the credibility trap.  I must admit he is getting better at speaking politically, and weaving his observations and talking points together on the domestic political front.

At the end of the day, however, he is still off on domestic policy, perhaps not as a badly as some of his counterparts who are plainly ideologically captive, but rather captive to his 'reputation' and desire for political positions which is the primary currency and asset in the areas where economic becomes a pseudo-science overreaching itself in public policy prescriptions.

Have a pleasant evening.