18 November 2016

Just Charts at 2:30

"While Democrats point fingers at anyone they can find, the evidence mounts that all critical sectors of their party’s apparatus fundamentally failed. Their renowned strategic geniuses were blinded with arrogance and error:  David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, said that Clinton was a ‘one hundred per cent’ lock and advised nervous Democrats to stop ‘wetting the bed, reports The New Yorker’s David Remnick this week.

The party’s operatives and pundits used bullying tactics to clear the field for an obviously weak and vulnerable candidate, and then insisted on nominating her despite those weaknesses, many of which were self-inflicted, and in the face of mountains of empirical evidence that her primary-race opponent was more likely to win...

And the party is widely perceived to be devoted to elite Wall Street tycoons and war-making interests at the expense of pretty much everyone else, and chose a candidate who could not have been better designed to exacerbate those concerns if that had been the goal."

Glenn Greenwald, The Democrats Blame-Everyone-Else Posture

We have a quiet stock option expiration this Friday, as stock prices were already driven far and fast higher after the presidential election lows.

The day is beautiful and warm, and the duty of yardwork calls.

Have a pleasant weekend.