11 November 2016

Just Charts on an Autumn Afternoon - As Time Goes By

I was out with the queen for most of the day, cruising out to the Pennsylvania Dutch markets west of where we live, so it is just charts tonight.   I believe that I have previously mentioned her own Amish heritage in Lancaster on her father's side.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think the post-election stock move is running out of steam.

The metals were hit today, about as consciously and deliberately as we have seen this year.  You can attribute much of this week's move in the metals to the dollar crosses, and I have been including the DX charts as usual.  But today was very conscious market action, slamming the metals and the miners down to support ahead of next week.

Next week will be a stock option expiration, and the week after the Comex metals option expiry.

December is a big month for the metals.

I am working very hard not to judge Trump's presidency yet by the putative Cabinet appointments that are being thrown about.

Have a pleasant weekend.