01 December 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow

I have included the Comex delivery reports from yesterday for both gold and silver, because I thought that the volume and what the players were doing with it was interesting.

There will still much heavier deliveries for this new contract month as compared to the last, which is to be expected.

And it seems from looking at the details that the customers were disgorging their long positions and the bullion banks were snuffling them up for their house accounts.

In other words, we are in the rinse cycle of a wash and rinse.

For any number of reasons, the wiseguys like to really take something down before they let lose the dogs of the market forces and let it go up.  Let's see if it works out that way this time, which should start showing up next week some time.

Non-Farm Payrolls tomorrow, and the Italy vote over the weekend.

The Donald is out saving jobs in Indiana, and I will give him some credit for that, even though it maybe a bit overdone.  At least he is doing something about the real world economy, which the Dems would rarely do unless it involved the desires of a big donor.  The Dems would just feel their pain, and try to comfort those losing their jobs with the thought that it is for the inevitable cause of progress, or some other tawdry slogan like that.

I am wondering if all those donors to the Clinton Foundation can get their money back, now that the principals have been sidelined from the favor dispensing business.   And I wonder how Barry plans to cash in, now that his terms of service are over.  University president?  UN chieftain?  Hitting the book and speech circuits in the manner of the Clinton clan?   I doubt he will sully his hands with running an actual business, in which he has little experience, or apparent interest.

Have a pleasant evening.