07 December 2016

Just Charts at 2 PM - 'Christmas Party' - Starość Nie Radość

I am taking the queen, by her command, to a 'Christmas party' at the rehabilitation facility where she ensconced for five weeks earlier this year.  It was five weeks because that was all the insurance companies will permit. This is where she was taught to care for herself and get around despite the paralysis, and to speak more clearly again despite the aphasia.

It is also where the caregivers are trained in the ways to care for their loved ones while they recover, or not.  They do remarkable work at this location and the employees are very dedicated.  She said she wished to go so that the staff can see what they had set in motion, and 'just to be with the others.'

Now you know why she is my better half.

I don't like going to parties where I don't know anybody unless I am in a rare mood.  But since she cannot drive, I must honor my personal pledge to take her anywhere she wishes without grumbling.   Except for lady clothing stores, unless there is a Home Depot next door where I can seek a refuge.  There are some standards that must be upheld for the sake of a happy marriage.

Test results this week were better than expected although a follow up in two months is necessary on the usual 'area of interest' on which there is some differing opinions.   It is always something with this kind of illness, that can be managed but not cured.   As my old teacher and much later also my son's godfather used to say, starość nie radość—  old age is no joke.

But all in all this was a very good year, after a particularly rough start.

Tender mercies. Always, the tender mercies, like candles in the darkness.

P.S.  Much later.  Ok, she was right.   I had a great time.   The guy sitting next to me was a riot and the food was great.  The therapists are angels.  These are the gentle people whose campfires of caring cast a light in these times of elephantine greed.