27 December 2016

Just Charts at 2:30

This market action is a snooze. Not worth trading except for the very nimble.

Housing appears to be in a number of localized regional bubbles.

Stocks are already in bubble territory.

The economic recovery is thin and overstated to the point of fakery, with little real wage and full time job growth to sustain aggregate domestic demand. With monopolistic pricing in healthcare and other sectors continuing to soar, this is not a recipe for sustainable social interaction, much less a recovery.

Trump's fiscal initiatives remain a viable wild card, but the information to date does not appear to be hopeful, since the destroyers of the middle class are in the ascendancy. Keeping an open mind on that, but the auspices are not good.

I received some video games for Christmas, and I am itching to give Skyrim Special Edition a spin. lol

Have a pleasant evening.