15 December 2016

Taking Time For Christmas And the Things That Matter

Pardey, Daffodils in Search of Grace
"As the lily among thorns, so is my true love among His daughters."

Song of Solomon 2:2

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds, in Christ Jesus."

Phil 4:7

The posting will be light from now until the New Year.

There is nothing particular going on with the queen at the moment, so no need for concern.

Rather, I am taking a breather, and profoundly enjoying spending more time with her and her constant cold weather companion, Dolly. I like snuggling the two of them up together in the big chair under some blankets for their afternoon shows on television, The Chew and Dr Phil.

No I do not watch them, but the queen is an aficionado of both, as well as the Food Network and Househunters. Perhaps she is living vicariously because she does not cook much beyond the simplest meals, and we have only moved once in our lives.  I became very flexible in commuting once she put down our roots and made a house into a home.

When Dolly came in from her walk this morning, which by the way the queen herself conducts which is therapeutic for the both of them, she jumped up in my chair in the living room and would not stop licking my face. I suppose she remembers being homeless and on the streets of Elizabeth NJ last winter.

The market will always be there.  They won't.

And as I grow older, I find more joy in the little things, than in extravaganzas and gadgets, and the other things that people ordinarily associate with 'happiness.'

People like to reflect and remember at this time of year. The only difference is that now, unlike when I was running around a worldwide organization, I have the time to do it. So perhaps I can do it a little for you as well, so you can feel the joy in the ordinary things, the sacrament of the moment, and the prayerful gratitude for all of them.

And we have so much to be grateful for this year. Again, this is the year of Dolly and the queen. The doctors were convinced she would never walk again, and there she goes. And Dolly came in and filled the void left by our old shih tzu who passed away the week before she arrived.

I have become so rich in friends through Le Cafe. I came for a work, and found a blessing.

I lost one of the best in my good friend Harold the artist this year.  And my Amish father-in-law.  The early part of this year was hard times indeed.

But I gained others. I am glad for all of them.

Especially the little gems like Andrew in Long Island, who at one time fancied himself a misanthrope, but is in fact among the most companionable and interesting of people, and has introduced me to more kinds of ethnic foods and the joy of bird feeding.

And then there is Jan the Knight in Krakow, and his counterpart Carlos in South America, Mark the faithful physician, George the maven of all things DC, Bruce in Tokyo, Joe the Hawaiian,  George the accountant, Steve my brother, Dave in Colorado, Bill in Dallas, Knukles and String the characters, Arby the wise, Adam of the vineyards, Hugo the insightful,  Joachim the obscure, Malcolm the eloquent, Bruce the forester, Peter the German, Anthony the professor, John the router, Elizabeth in Vancouver, Ann the musician, Michele the nice lady in South Jersey, and Erik and Bill the internet travelers in Maine.

And so many others, who light up my life when I hear from them on occasion.

I am grateful for all of it, and remember all of you in my thoughts, but especially in my prayers, always.

Things can be replaced; people can't.  

When the oceans run dry, and the last stars burn out, only the souls of the faithful will remain.

Do not be afraid. This will all work to our advantages. He truly does all things well, even as He may afflict us, but only as we might afflict ourselves, if we were wise, and had a genuine understanding of the ways of His economy.

Unless something significant happens, I'll see you again on Monday.