10 February 2017

No Updates Tonight - And Back Home Again

Busy day.

The queen slipped and fell on the ice.  About ten minutes after we got home from spending all day at the hospital getting pretty good news.

It does not seem that amything is broken but she is very sore.  Back to hospital for x-rays.

It's always something.

See you Monday.

P.S. Back home at 12:30 AM.  Went to the local 'urgent care' for a quick x-ray. RN friend said it would be much quicker than going all the way to the hospital ER.  Shoulder was completely dislocated.  The doctor could not do it there as it required a kind of anesthesia.

Went to the hospital ER which was hopping on a Friday night.  Waited almost 3 hours for a full emergency room bed to open up.  Place was full of people with sickness like the flu who go through a 'fast track.'   They had to put her into a deep sedation with painkillers and valium to reset her shoulder.  It was remarkable to watch.  They had me hold her hand to help her to relax, and to talk about something that makes her happy.    The talk did turn to chocolate truffles.

Starość nie radość - 'Old age is no joke.'

All better now.  Good to be home. That could have been so much worse.

Thanks for God's tender mercies.