11 March 2017

Democratic Establishment and the 'Professional Class': Whom Do You Serve?

"No one can serve two masters, for he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one, and be neglectful of the other; and so you cannot serve both God and Mammon."

Matt 6:24

"What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in a man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, and that resistance is overcome."

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

It's time for a new New Deal.

But it is not going to happen.   The corporate Democrats won't back it, or even mention it.   And the Republicans are busy rolling every shred of the old New Deal back, from sound financial regulation to basic safety nets for the weak, the sick, the unfortunate, and the old.


Because their Big Money master, Mammon, would not be pleased.

News flash.

Not everyone who suffers misfortune does so because they are lazy and purposely made bad choices.

Not everyone who is working a full time job or several part time jobs is in good financial shape, because too many jobs are paying poverty wages with inadequate benefits.

One half of the US population is now living below the poverty level, and are one unfortunate event away from impoverishment and possible homelessness.

Free market competition of the fittest, and might makes right, appears to be the theme of the US elite of both parties.  And they are fine examples of the best getting what they deserve, which is the most. Of everything.

And if they have the most because they deserve it, it follows that those who have a hard time of it, the unfortunate, the underprivileged, the other 90% of the country, have less because they deserve that too.  How can I be a real winner if there are no losers?

The fortunate think that the others are unworthy, are not human to the same degree as the best and the brightest.  They are flawed, disabled, stupid, and they deserve to be deprived, and then eliminated by the market forces.  Unfortunate, but necessary.  This is the law of nature.

Everyone can cite some example of people that cause all their own problems.  And so everyone who has problems is just like them.  Losers.  If they could only be like me, so good, so virtuous.  Winning....

How is this all that essentially different from some of the worst, most vile civilizations in history, except they have not carried this perversion of justice to the next level—  yet?

Many do not have healthcare not because they make bad choices, or eat wrong, or don't act like you do.   They have problems because it is a dirty rotten system that rips the financial hearts out of people all for the sake of a fortunate few.   It is like the financial system that weaves a series of traps for the common person, and then despises them for their weakness.

Here's another news flash.

We are not all that much by ourselves. We may think that we are, but we are not.  We may have worked hard, yes, but many people work hard. Most I would say, although we like to imagine some example of unworthiness, and then think ourselves victimized, deprived in some way, by their mere existence.

'All I want it so be left alone.' And so it will be given to you, and that long loneliness will be yours.

The 'lesser of two evils' is not a strategy.   It is a convenient rationale to accept a form of evil.

We are making our own choice in this, just as one might judge others harshly to 'make their choices as well.'   Just know whom it is that you serve by that choice.  Because you will take the consequences of that choice, as it has been promised to you.  No one can serve two masters.

Such pride, such perverted justice, such hypocrisy is as old as Babylon, and as evil as sin.

“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy."

Caution on language.