02 March 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Snappity Doo Dah

SNAP came out last night at $17, and hit $24 in open trading today.

This will tickle the fancy of investors, and whet their appetite for overpriced new era stock bets. Like Uber for example.

I had a call from a friend last night, asking for recommendations to put money into the markets. Not in any particular area or segment. Just a place to put some savings to make a lot of money.

Fait accompli.

Gold and silver took a hit today on US dollar strength. The driver for the US Dollar is the general consensus, now around 90%, that the Fed with raise in their March meeting.

Silver in particular was smashed lower in a calculated bear raid in today's futures trading.

The Comex silver deliveries are more active in March than they are for gold. I have included that data below.

Have a pleasant evening.