27 March 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Psychopathia Kleptocratus

Stock futures were sharply lower overnight, as the first reaction to the failure of the Trump Healthcare Bill failed badly on Friday.

Gold and silver were rallying up to overhead resistance.

But as usual, the buyers came back in and brought stocks back up to nearly unchanged, or higher in the case of big cap tech.

Nevertheless, the Dow and SP 500 finished in the red, extending the longest streak of down days in the broader US stock markets since 2011.

Now the ball is back in The Donald's court. Will he be able to cut taxes for large corporations and wealthy individuals without the ability to point to savings from the 'reform' of healthcare.

Stay tuned. This looks like an interesting year.

Below is a bootleg video of Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan discussing Trumpcare with the radical right House Freedom Caucus led by Jerry Jordan and Rand Paul on Thursday in private session.

Have a pleasant evening.

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Paul Ryan discuss Trumpcare proposal with the House GOP Freedom Caucus led by Jerry Jordan and Rand Paul.