05 March 2017

Big Money and the Organizational Suicide of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is a good example of an ongoing organizational suicide.

They are internally focused, preoccupied with form but tone deaf and tactically inept, and so given over to cynicism that they can no longer communicate effectively with anyone outside of their own declining circles and enclaves.

They cannot change enough to grow and prosper without shedding the policies which have led them to a sweeping loss of public offices.

But such change would threaten the current leadership in the seats of power to which they jealously hold tight, not for the sake of long standing principles or the benefit of their constituent bases, but out of unabashed cynical self-interest and a commitment to personal enrichment

When the public once again clearly and loudly showed their desire for change, the Democratic leadership did their best to stifle and thwart it, and reaffirm their allegiance to the status quo and business as usual.

And even now they seem committed to a strategy of pivoting towards corporate wealth and high earning professionals, while offering an endless stream of hysteria and fear, wrapped with a bow of identity politics and phony sympathy.  

Their brand is to be 'the lesser of two evils.'

After an electoral disaster they may have learned something, but they are willing to do nothing about it, remaining firmly in denial.   Why?  Because they hope that they can win by making the other guy fail more miserably than themselves without having to change their ways.

They are caught in a credibility trap.

Caution on strong language.

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