14 June 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Dollar Dipsy-Doodle - A Brief Ray of Light

There are three ledgers that are kept for us in God's economy:  kindness, compassion, and love.

Janet made hawkish noises to go along with the 25 bp interest rate increase today.

I don't think they will be raising rates much more this year, if the economy is doing as badly as the data and the fundamentals seem to indicate to me.

The US dollar plunged on the rotten economic news this morning.   And then rallied hard this afternoon on the Fed's hawkish noises.  A chart of that intraday is below.

The queen was in the emergency room this weekend, and will be going in for some more tests on Friday. She had a major seizure and fell and hit her head on the refrigerator last Thursday, and that has introduced some additional concerns and problems and challenges to care.

I am catching sleep as I can during the day mostly, and watching the queen pretty much all the time otherwise.  Even if I fall asleep in the chair I am positioned to hear her if anything is going on.  She has a tendency to get up and try to do things on her own, which is not wise. On Sunday night I stopped her choking on her own regurgitation.

Right now one of our angel friends is sitting with her, while I run out to pick up some prescriptions.

Have a pleasant evening.