08 August 2017

Misguided Legislation Is Directly Repugnant to the First Amendment

I personally do not boycott the state of Israel, or have any interest in doing so.

However, this proposed legislation, co-sponsored by prominent Democrats and Republicans, is a direct assault on the Constitutional Rights of Americans to express their political beliefs.

It also conflates and dilutes the principled stand against anti-semitism and other forms of prejudice, which I strongly support as you know, with economic and political support for a particular government, its political actions and its domestic and international policies. That too carries its own dangers.

It is shocking that this bill has ever gained the traction that it has.

Well-intentioned legislation that extends civil and/or criminal penalties for or against expressions of political beliefs, without reference to an intrusion on the rights of others under the Constitution, sets a precedent that is very dangerous, within the context of an overall erosion of the rights of the individual.

With the ability of the president to suspend habeas corpus, and the widespread surveillance of citizens without due process, the primacy of the rights of the individual in the United States are under assault by government.

It is long time past to take a stand against the creeping corporatism and statism that continues to diminish the rights of the individual against the power of big money and big organizations.