19 September 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - FOMC Tomorrow - One Step Enough For Me

“That’s just the way: a person does a low down thing, and then he don’t want to take no consequences of it. Thinks as long as he can hide it, it ain’t no disgrace.”

Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

"Beware the fury of a patient man.”

John Dryden, Absalom and Achitopel

Janet and her Merry Pranksters at the Fed will be making their latest interest rates announcement from their two day September meeting tomorrow at 2 PM.

The SP 500 continues to dribble higher, while the tech heavy Nas 100 is now chopping sideways.

I don't have any short positions on at the moment.  There would be an event-driven drop no doubt, although the markets managed to shake off quite a bit of 'risky' news at the end of last week.

I watched part of Trump's speech to the UN.  It was cringeworthy.    I liked it better when I was in mourning, and not watching the news.  It beggars belief at times.

One wonders what has to happen so that Hillary Clinton will get the hint that the public as a whole has had enough of her crony capitalist political chicanery, and should cease her whining and blaming the progressive wing of her party, ie the real historical base.  She managed to lose to one of the worst candidates ever to run for President, and it was because of her aloof arrogance, despite many unfair advantages. Time to retire and do some real good for others in the world like Jimmy Carter.

Lets see how gold and silver do over the next few days.  They are at some key support levels and it would be nice to see them hold to them.

Dave Kranzler had an article out the other day discussing how BIS has swapped out a large amount of their gold bullion to the Banks.  I had the impression that this is how they are plugging the gap in the 'London float' which had been identified by those precious metals luminaries Ronan Manly and Koos Jansen at BullionStar.com, along with data wrangler Nick Laird from goldchartsrus.com.

Life goes on.

Have a pleasant evening.