29 November 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - FANG Stocks Take the Gas Pipe - Dow 'Industrials' Set Record

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers."

Charles Peguy

“Tax reform is about job creation. President Trump is working to revitalize America’s main streets by reducing taxes, and making the tax code simpler and fairer. With nearly 1.5 million jobs created since January and two consecutive quarters of GDP growth above 3 percent, the President has unleashed a spirit of economic optimism – but our work is not done.  Lowering taxes for job creators will help them grow and hire more Americans for good, family-sustaining jobs.”

Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor, 29 Nov 2017

Too bad the 'job creators' who have been enjoying record profits have repeatedly said that they intend to do what they have been doing all along with their extra cash: stock buybacks, dividends, acquisitions of suppliers and competitors, and larger rewards for management.  And probably more automation and offshoring.

Increasing wages and hiring more workers is a low priority, as it has been for quite a few years.   Why would we think giving the same player MORE money without changing anything or creating new incentives would actually result in a different outcome?

The Tech stock bubble was hit by selling on higher than usual volume today, leading the NDX lower by almost a full percent.

The SP 500 finished up unchanged.

But the Dow Industrials closed higher at a new record, led by those industrial titans like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, American Express, United Healthcare, Pfizer, Disney and Verizon.

The pundits had trouble getting their stories straight today, as some went with a 'risk on' interpretation, since Treasuries and precious metals got hit.

But that was hard to square up with the rising VIX, and the minor bloodbath in the tech darlings.

It seemed to me that there was a rotation going on, from the favored to the downtrodden stocks. Although even that is a bit thin, since some of the sectors getting a boost are clearly the beneficiaries of the Trump campaign to stock picking on Wall Street and let the good times roll in big healthcare, big networks, and the other monopolists.

The speculation is on the Republican 'tax reform' which is pretty much a tax break for the wealthiest few.

Bitcoin, like a few other financial instruments these days, is a bubble.

There is nothing more remarkable  than a New York liar. They are a breed by themselves. The bigger the whopper, the more strident their insistence that they are above all approach, and are virtual fountains of virtue and reform. If their claims are proven false, they will never, ever admit that they were wrong.  They will double down with even more brazen whoppers.  Whatever they do is the best, and you will just love them for the good things they are going to do for you.

Have a pleasant evening.