06 November 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Plus c'est la même chose

Gold and silver bounced back nicely after the Non-Farm Payrolls smackdown.

Stocks managed to eke a little upside today driven mostly by energy.

We are still in earnings season, and misses are leading to stocks being hauled out behind the woodshed and thrashed.

The geopolitical risks are changing from a simmer to what may grow to be a running boil.

The Republicans and Democrats are shameless in their pursuits of personal power and money. It is becoming hard not to notice, unless you are a true believer and willfully blind.   And there are plenty of those kinds of behaviours on display now.

The increase in wickedness has proven contagious to the weak willed and morally ambivalent.   It is almost hard to believe at times as more and more of the nominally principled give up and stand down.  No one can serve two masters.  They will eventually hate the one and love the other, even as they fool themselves and make allowances for their own 'harmless practicality' which is really just expediency.

And the band played on.

Have a pleasant evening.