16 November 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Rally Monkeys Away

US equities rallied today on the earnings report from WalMart, and an excess of hot money with nowhere productive to go.

Today was characterized as a great time to buy the dip, which occurred earlier this week.

Stocks are a buy because corporations are enjoying record profits, which they mostly spend on dividends, boondoggles, monopolization,  and tax buybacks.

Quick, give those folks a tax break!

Tomorrow will be a stock options expiration.

The House passed its version of 'tax reform' today. It will have to be reconciled with reform from the Senate.

The yield curve differential between the 2y and 10y treasuries continues to flatten, with some suggesting it will go to '0' next year.

This is a signal of an oncoming recession.  The other data suggests that the US consumer is 'tapped out.'

The Fed says that healthcare is contributing to the lack of inflation.  Seriously?

How do you know when Paul Ryan is lying about tax reform being done for the average American?    His lips are moving.

How does Paul Ryan know when he is lying about tax reform?   He doesn't care.

I agree with Jeffrey Gundlach's recent observations about the carried interest rule in the tax reform legislation, and that the swamp is not being drained— it is getting larger.

Sow it; reap it; eat it.

Have a pleasant evening.