14 December 2017

Nomiki Konst: Signs of a Revolution Within the Democratic Party

"Now that the queen [Hillary] is gone, ding dong, people are actually starting to say what they believe, and feel."

Nomiki Konst

Here is some additional insights from her about what is going on in the attempts to reform the Democratic National Committee after the recent scandals regarding favoritism and internal irregularities by 'the Hillary people.'

Although she is cited as an investigative reporter, which she is, Nomiki Konst is also a political insider in the Democratic Party organization. And she is quite knowledgeable.

It seems that one of the major obstacles to change is the very powerful group of consultants, who as you may know have dominated the Democratic National Budget, and taken by far most of it for themselves.

And before you ask, no, I have not yet been able to find out exactly who these 'five consultants' are. Or how they have been able to exert such a powerful control over things. But it does seem that now that Hillary Clinton has fallen from her most powerful position in the party, the consultants are much less in a position of power.