22 December 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Repentance and Forgiveness the Wellspring of Joy

Into the ancient holy land
Behold, the son of God is come to man.

Hoc est enim corpus meam.

In Innocence fall all heroes and their creeds;
An age is done, an age from here proceeds.

Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei,
Novi et aeterni testamenti.

What consuming pagan fires could not do—
A covenant of love, and Word made flesh, in You.

Qui pro nobis et pro multis effundetor;
In remissionem peccatorum.

Sleep swells His breast, though heavy pressed,
By Golgotha, and Adam's sin,
And the hopes of he who signs his name herein.


What a wonderful condescension and extravagance we have from God.   For although we were made and formed in His image, He has thereafter sanctified that image, and thereby redeemed us from our failures in His Incarnation.

Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his friends.

Stocks drifted today for the most part, particularly in the afternoon when most traders have already left for their holidays.

Gold and silver have rebounded nicely from the recent shenanigans practiced in the markets around the FOMC meeting and Non-Farm payrolls.  Again, I urge you to look at all the instances of this on the gold chart.

President Trump signed the Tax Reform and Jobs Act today, and then left for the holidays at his home in Florida.

Matt Taibbi had some rather pointed observations and disclosures to make about Bob Corker and his penchant for trading stocks as a Senator, presumably on privileged information, with multi-million dollar success. Of course he is not alone in this, as I have pointed out many times in the past.  Hillary's remarkable success as a novice cattle trader comes to mind.

The corruption that has become widely tolerated throughout the various upper strata of our society is shocking in its boldness.  And even more shocking is its general acceptability, and too often downright fashionability,  among our elite in business and government, and their courtiers and partisans in the various professions.  And it provides a corrosive example and temptation to the public.

That such gaming the system is widely tolerated and accepted does not make it right.  The breaking of oaths is a serious transgression, and there will be an accounting for it, if not in this world then the next. 

And sadly it is the partisanship, and the willing gullibility of simple souls given over to the wiles of a skillful persuasion to anger, and willfulness, and hatred, that permits the unscrupulous to prosper.   I have seen otherwise honorable and sincere people do and say some shocking things in service to dark powers in the past few years.

There can be little doubt that the ordinary and the unsophisticated are learning from our cynical and proud elite.  And that scandalous example is their sin as well.  It would be better for them to have been thrown into the sea, with a millstone around their necks.

All the preparations for Christmas are coming to their conclusion.

Looking back on this rather difficult year, I ask forgiveness of all those to whom I have caused distress or temptation to anger, because of my actions or lack of actions.

I have asked God for His forgiveness in all things, and so I also ask for your forgiveness, and your prayers.  I am a most unworthy servant.  I charge nothing and accept nothing, for that is what my work is worth.

May you and yours walk with the Lord, in His favor and the light of the Spirit, in all that you do in the coming year.

And may the peace of the Lord, which surpasses all understanding, be with you in this blessed season.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.   I will be posting somewhat during the interregnum before the new year.

Have a wonderful holiday.